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The Baby and Toddler Show...with a toddler.

What a fantastic, albeit last minute opportunity to attend the Puria 2022 Baby and Toddler Show in Glasgow. It has been a weekend filled with highs and several self inflicted lows but filled to the brim with new connections and lessons learned.

We did not undertake the decision to attend the show lightly. We are still a 'new' company, come to think of it when do we become 'old'? I digress.... as a relatively new company we certainly approached the weekend feeling like little fish in a very big, well known, experienced pond, but everyone has to start somewhere. Our sense of trepidation was quickly alleviated when we realised how kind and supportive our fellow exhibitors were and how well organised the event was.

Mr (un)Posh set up on Thursday before returning to Little Posh People HQ with pictures and a list of all the necessary extras we would need. As we were late to the party we struggled to get enough business cards, flyers, flags and general paraphernalia made advertising and sharing information about Little Posh People. We managed to make some homemade flags and send a last minute order through to our leaflet producer, queue 4.50pm collection on a Friday night and a very quick self taught lesson in qr code creation!

We try and be environmentally friendly and are ever aware of our impact on the environment, this weekend should not be taken as a positive example, with ten 40 mile trips between Little Posh People HQ and the SEC in Glasgow; forgotten flyers, cross children,. childcare dramas and sleeping at home led to some hefty diesel bills. On the plus side our business cards did arrive and are sprinkled with wild flower seeds so "please book a party, plant our card and help the bees".

Over the weekend we were fortunate to meet many Little Posh People and their "staff". We got to entertain lots of wee ones and share our story with lots of you. We were thrilled with those of you who booked a party with us and the many who plan to book and share our business. We were also lucky to connect with other incredible companies including The Daisy Foundation, Alice Sharp and Hippy Chick.

I must mention our own little ones. Due to unavoidable circumstances our childcare fell through and so we had our 16 month with us all weekend and our 4 year old on Saturday. I mean if your parent's are going to work all weekend and drag the kids along there are worse jobs to be in. For the most part it was fantastic having my helpers, drawing a crowd, playing with visitors and handing out our flags and business cards. There were many positive comments and we felt extremely proud of our girls in such an alien and busy environment. Today our wee one was at her wits end and it was all too much. I took a stroll to the transport museum but even a wall of cars wasn't enough to amuse her. We bowed out early and headed for home but thank you to everyone for your supportive comments when she was having her epic meltdown. The baby and toddler show is not for the faint hearted and we are grateful for the opportunity and business ideas we have taken away. Thank you to all our new customers we can't wait to be a part of your little one's big celebration. We will definitely return but perhaps leave our wee ones behind and instead fill their car seats with hundreds more plantable leaflets and flyers.

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