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Wooden Role Play Sets

Let your little posh persons imagination run wild and let them create their own world.  Fine tuning motor skills and supporting hand eye co-ordination is a huge benefit of play.  These beautifully designed wooden role play sets provide a foundation for their mind to wander and dreams to become reality.


Little Green Thumb

Play and learn about where our fruit and veg come from and how to look after a garden.

£25 a day

IMG_1701 2.HEIC

Mini Medic

Looking after your little posh person is so important why not let them look after you. 

£35 a day

IMG_1042 2.HEIC

Posh Nosh

Help your little posh person cook, bake, mix and chop their favourite foods. Nutritious and delicious meals coming up.

£35 a day

IMG_1039 2.HEIC

The Italian Job

Who doesn't love pizza? Let. your little posh person create all your favourites.

£35 a day


Busy Builders

If Bob can't fix it then maybe your little posh person can. All the tools, nuts and bolts to fix anything your little one can think of.

£35 a day

IMG_0082 2.JPG

Sliding on in

How do you make a ball pit more fun? Add a slide.

Currently only available as an extra to a soft play package.

£15 a hire

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